CRUDB is an online web rapid application development (RAD) tool to generate PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. CRUDB means create, read, update, and delete from your database to make it easier without coding from scratch. For online crud tools, it generates an MVC architecture with a concept Model and Controller in one part. Controller includes raw queries that can be easily reused by your database client. You can use it for admin panels, ERP applications, and as a starting point for your web project.


Several items to add before running this app are :

1. PHP version 7.4 or higher

2. Codeigniter version 4

3. MySQL Server and Web Server: You can use them with a local environment or a free version like XAMPP. for a virtual private server that runs a database and web server.

How to

Before starting to build an application using crudb, here are the steps to get started :

Sign up

1. Sign up at
2. Fill out the form on the register page with valid input, including the following:
- Username: required will be used for your ID in the application.
- Password: it must be a letter and a number.
- Email: enter your email address.
- Name: Fill in your name.

After filling out the form, you can click the sign up button, and then a pop-up notification will appear. Check your email address to get a verification code, put it in the input box, and then click the verify button.

Sign in

1. Input username and password
2. Click Sign in button


1. Click the Add button in the table list
2. Input Table Name
3. Input field type based on input type: date, number, word use (varchar or text), timestamp for date and time
4. input field length based on your total character maximum or number length
5. Key type: PK for Primary Key and FK for Foreign Key
6. Choose foreign key relationships if you have any relationships with other tables
7. Click actions + to add more table columns
8. Submit


Menu maker is for creating source code after making database tables and relationships between them. Maker has functionality to create a form list, create, update, and view and customizing your own form. This also include a chart maker with support for bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and horizontal charts based on the SQL you provided. Layouting your chart and grid positions based on tab layout with drag-and-drop support, Export your data grid to Office Word, PDF, or Excel with various page and color settings. Choose our theme to make your grid more colorful.